Installation ///
Set Design

Showcase for L'Habibliotheque

Location : Le Marais, Paris
Specifications : Low cost showcase, with maximum impact.

Concept : Create a flashy but beautiful showcase inspired by mexican craft with predominately fluo colors. The result is a colorful and graphic installation realized with a very low budget.
Production : april 18, 2016

Materials : Print paper and vinyl

Time of productions : 4 days

Design : This showcase was made using personal drawings printed on fluo paper and vinyl. The shapes were hand cut and installed. The 3 bright color elements were chosen in order to catch people's attention.

Story : The blue animals represent mexican craft. They are inspired by "Tenango" artisanal embroidery, from Hidalgo, central Mexico. The orange Monarch butterflies represent the beautiful story of an animal species that annually migrates from the USA to the state of Michoacán in Mexico, before returning in spring. The green banana leaves simply evoke the beauty of Mexican land and nature.