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Hello ! My name is Bertrand Fompeyrine. I was born in Toulouse in 1987. I studied architecture in France, Norway and Germany, before being graduated in Paris in 2010. I worked five years as an architect before exploring other creative fields. Passionated about architecture, design, drawing, fashion and photography, I now live and work in Paris, and sometimes in Mexico.


COP 22_World climate meeting, Marrakesh, Morocco.
GOOGLE_Winter party, Paris, France.
KONBINI_Content marketing, Paris, France.
LES DENEUVE_Design festival, Montpellier, France.
WE LOVE GREEN_Ecological music festival, France.

GALLERY KIT_Gallery, Trondheim, Norway.
L'HABIBLIOTHEQUE_Clothes shop, Paris, France.
WE LOVE GREEN_Ecological music festival, France.

APEROL SPRITZ_Alcohol brand, Italy.
BABY DIOR_Fashion brand, France.
BIOSTIME_Food supplements Brand, China.
BIOTHERM_Cosmetic brand, France.
BIOTHERM HOMME_Cosmetic brand, France.
ELLE FRANCE_Fashion magazine, France.
ELLE RUSSIA_Fashion magazine, Russia.
ELIE SAAB_Fashion brand, Liban.
ELIE SAAB BRIDAL_Fashion brand, Liban.
ELIE SAAB PARFUM_Perfume brand, Liban.
ESSIE COSMETICS_Cosmetic brand, USA.
GIVENCHY BEAUTY_Cosmetic Brand, France.
GUERLAIN_Cosmetic brand, France.
JAEGER LE-COULTRE_Luxury watch brand, Switzerland.
LEBENSFORMEN_Online gallery, France.
L'OREAL_Cosmetic brand, France.
MARTELL_Cognac brand, Paris, France.
MASSIMO DUTTI _Fashion brand, Spain.
NEIWAI_Underwear brand, China.
SHISEIDO_Cosmetic brand, Japan.
THE GREATEST MAGAZINE_Fashion magazine, France.
VOGUE RUSSIA_Fashion magazine, Russia.
YSL BEAUTY_Cosmetic brand, France.

ALAIS COSTA_Photographer, France.
ANTOINE & CHARLIE_Photographer and Filmmaker Duo, France.
BENJAMIN DE LAPPARENT_Photographer, France.
CHARLY GOSP_Photographer, France.
CHRISTOPHE HUCK_Filmmaker, France.
GREGORY DERKENNE_Photographer, France.
ISABELLE BONJEAN_Photographer, France.
JANA GERBERDING_Photographer, Germany.
JEAN FRANCOIS VERGANTI_Photographer, France.
LEILA SMARA_Photographer & Stylist, France.
MORGANE ROUDAUT_Photographer & Filmmaker, France.
PHILIPPE GARCIA_Photographer, France.
RALPH MECKE_Photographer, France.
SEBASTIEN HADDOUK_Filmmaker, France. SEAN THOMAS_Photographer, France.
SOPHIE CARRE_Photographer, France.
STEPHANE GALLOIS_Photographer, France.

AQUAZZURA_Fashion brand, Italia.
CHLOE_Fashion brand, Italia.
CHOPARD_Luxury Watch brand, Switzerland.
CLARINS_Cosmetic brand, France).
GUERLAIN_Cosmetic brand, France.
HERMES MAISON_Luxury Brand, France.
HERMES PETIT H_Luxury brand, France.
PACO RABANNE PARFUM_Luxury brand, France.
SKP_Magazine, China.
WEILL_Fashion brand, Italia.

CAREFREE_Cosmetic brand, United States.
MARINA RINALDI_Fashion brand, Italia.
TEVA_TV, France.
VOGUE ITALIA_Fashion Magazine, Italia.


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