"Queens of Antisocial"
shot at : Pin Up studio
photo assistant : Manon Ternes
models : Nowak Natie, Mathilda Grace Lowther & Pia Ekman
makeup : Ai Cho
hair : Sachi Yamashita
stylist : Gaelle Bon
post production : Janvier Lab
production : Tristan Godefroy
note : materials were found & recycled

"Born in the Echoes"
shot at : Studio zero
photo assistant : Jules Martin
retouche : Nathaly Trach
stylist : Caroline Bignonneau
model : Nastya Siten (Metropolitan)
note : materials were found & recycled

"Collaboration with Antoine And Charlie"

what : Antoine and Charlie are talented photographer and filmmakers. I made some sculptures and set design for these series.
where : Paris, France.
when : 2018 to 2019.